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SiteGround positions itself as a company offering high quality and “well-designed” hosting solutions at relatively competitive prices. Siteground is a host recommended by the WordPress foundation!

They offer a range of hosting solutions from shared Linux hosting (the affordable and versatile type used by most websites), to managed cloud solutions, through dedicated server solutions for larger to larger websites. growth.

SiteGround is a hidden gem in the web hosting market. Its commitment to innovation – particularly in shared hosting – has quickly made it one of the most important hosting providers on the market for the past few years. Despite some minor flaws, SiteGround overshadows many of its big rivals on most critical features: speed, uptime, and customer support.

SiteGroung Web Hosting

Siteground is recognized as a company of excellence that has set new standards in the web industry. Since its inception fifteen years ago, it has experienced one of the most impressive growth in the sector.

The SiteGround website highlights different types of hosting, with dedicated plans, cloud, and VPS in addition to shared hosting and WordPress. Customers benefit from the basic Cloudflare CDN plan, free SSL certificates, and free daily backups of their website data to the server.

Unlike some web hosts, they made sure their shared plans were packed with features!

With an impressive range of hosting services, SiteGround is a leader in innovation in this field – from custom software solutions to world-class customer support.

They offer a full range of web hosting features, including a free CDN Cloudflare, cPanel with SSH access, and MySQL databases and unlimited bandwidth – not to mention their top-notch customer support.

Why we trust them … Technical characteristics:

WP quality pooled, as we like!

Shared hosting is a huge battleground where all the best web hosts in the world wage a fierce war. This is an area in which SiteGround has stood out exceptionally well from its closest competitors in recent years.

Main reasons that make us like the Siteground hosting offer

All shared hosting plans include managed WordPress, which is sometimes only provided as an expensive supplement when you buy hosting. SiteGround includes features that reflect the features of its direct competitors, WP Engine, WPXHosting, or WP Server, such as the ability to create staging servers and have updates applied automatically.
SiteGround tackles the problem of slow loading speeds from all angles, using SSD storage, Nginx, SuperCacher technology, CDN Cloudflare and HHVM.
SiteGround bandwidth allocations are generous from our experience, and they are materialized in terms of the number of visitors, rather than a specific amount of data (in GB), which helps you make a more informed decision about the plan you need to buy based on your needs.
If you pay more with a higher pack, you are assigned a server with fewer shared accounts on it, so there is less chance that you will be slowed down by your neighbors.

Web Hosting services

– Free and automated WordPress site transfer
– Free automated daily backups, CDN, SSL, email, and 24/7 expert support, with no waiting time on the phone or live.
– Recommended by WordPress
– High-quality support who does all for its customers – 100% managed offer!
– Excellent speed and TTFB performance!

We really appreciate it!

You get an allowance that includes a number of page views per month as a guide to your bandwidth usage,
as well as a fixed amount of disk space on the server. So you know what you have to work with.
No fuzzy promises of “unlimited” resources here.

plan Clouds Hosting

You will also benefit from the option of automatic scaling on a cloud server so that your site will not be offline if you need more resources over a given period; it will simply be upgraded and you will pay the difference. This is one of the really nice features of a cloud server that is probably worth a look for professional customers.

dedicated server
Reseller plan Hosting

Cloud or dedicated server upgrades

If your website goes beyond SiteGround’s shared hosting plans, you can take advantage of its other hosting plans. And you can upgrade when you want.

Cloud plan

Siteground offers quality Cloud VPS plans.

Your account will be isolated when you choose a cloud hosting plan, and you will benefit from a comprehensive managed service quality in case things go wrong – so you do not need to know Linux servers to do turn these hosting plans around and fix problems. The management service includes automatic fault detection, which is a significant feature.

Dedicated server

SiteGround also offers dedicated servers, with various customizable options, including the choice of Apache or Nginx – the latter is offered for those who need the best speed possible. There is no additional cost for cPanel and WHM, and you get 5 IPs and 5 different versions of PHP. All servers run on CentOS.

Reseller plan

Reseller hosting allows businesses to create additional revenue streams by including web hosting with their services. You could also set up your own web hosting business using these plans, and all-white label, so your users will never see the SiteGround brand.

The basic plan includes 10 GB of disk space and the possibility of hosting an unlimited number of clients. But the price is not very conventional.

As a reseller, you do not have access to WHM. Everything is done via your SiteGround user space.

Of course, if you don’t like this credit system (and want more control over customer accounts), you can just buy a VPS cloud and use WHM with that.

Performance and Safety

Performance and Safety

40% faster processors

After having transferred its infrastructure to Google Cloud in early 2020, SiteGround announces that it is able to speed up the processors of all of its servers by 40%. Running scripts on all fronts will become even more efficient, which will translate into faster website load and less resource usage for all of its clients.

Control panels

SiteGround offers cPanel on all of its plans, plus WHM if applicable. The version of cPanel that you will use is slightly customized; SiteGround has added additional functionality, but the basic components will look familiar if you have used cPanel before.

In addition, it has its own customer area, which provides detailed information on your plan and, if applicable, on your server. This is the “User Space”, which provides easy access to the support portal and the ticket system.

Datacenters of your choice

SiteGround is part of a small group of web hosts that offer a choice of data centers to shared hosting customers. It is definitely worth taking advantage of and choosing the right data center when you sign up.

SiteGround has data centers in Chicago, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, and Singapore. SiteGround indicates having chosen these locations because they are the most reliable. But they also offer good global reach. Some hosts only offer you a choice of locations in the United States, so it’s a plus for us here.

Since May 2020, Siteground also has a data center in Sydney, Australia.

We really appreciate it!

The ability to change server locations on demand for a single price of $ 30. This gives you more modularity and allows you to test different data centers for the best performance.

Data Center choice
Server Status Update

Is SiteGround uptime up to par?

In our tests, SiteGround consistently exceeds its 99.9% uptime guarantee. In the first four months of using our plan, Pingdom reported monthly availability rates of 99.94%, 100%, 99.91%, and 99.99%.

Siteground communicates well on the availability times and the status of their servers as well as their maintenance operations!

Security at Siteground

Security server Web Hosting

At Siteground, server security is a top priority. Here is an overview of the measures taken to ensure the security of their servers and your websites.

By default, they have configured all servers to use the latest version of PHP 7 with the latest security fixes.
They use Apache in a CHROOT environment with suExec.
There are sophisticated IDS / IPS systems that block malicious bots and attackers.

ModSecurity is installed on all shared servers and they update their security policies weekly, thus protecting clients from the most common attacks.
Worried about the security of your account? SiteGround uses CHROOT to prevent shared hosting clients from writing data to another user’s account on the server. The company claims it was one of the first to do so.

In 2017, Siteground launched its own protection system against malicious bots (which suck your bandwidth), powered by its own artificial intelligence algorithm. When this system was started, we noticed a remarkable reduction in the number of alerts coming from our WordPress security plugins.

This system prevents the vast majority of brute force attacks on the WordPress login screen, and it also does a good job of detecting malicious login attempts. It presents a Captcha-type challenge to any suspicious user; any genuine user who passes the Captcha will not be blocked again. And it continually adapts to new threats.

This type of technology is increasingly important in tackling the millions of unauthorized connections that small businesses face today.

Awesome Tools For WordPress Webmasters

Building and maintaining a WordPress site is easy with our thoughtfully designed tools

Free SSL Cerficates

Free SSL Certificates

All hosting plans include free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates. For your convenience, the Standard SSL comes preinstalled on your site.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups

We back up your account daily and keep up to 30 copies. You also have the option to create instant on-demand backups with the click of a button.

Email Service

Email Service

Create unlimited email accounts with the webmail interface included. Stop spam with the free SpamExperts service.

Staging Tool

Staging Tool

Making changes on your site has never been easier. Make a copy of your site in a click, work on it, and then push the changes live with our staging tool.

Dev Toolkit

Dev Toolkit

Advanced users will love our tools like WP-CLI, SSH access, PHP version control, Git integration and more that make workflows easy and fast.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

You can easily add collaborators, ship sites to clients, and give your clients Whitelabel access to their site’s Site Tools.

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