We live in an era where smartphones and tablets have become the main screens for the majority of consumers (65% of internet users use them to connect). The video quickly became the most viral medium, the most engaging, the most interactive and logically occupies today the first place on the podium of the most consumed contents (respectively in front of the image, and the text). We detail you below why you MUST include the video in your digital marketing plan in 2019!

Among the many good reasons, we have listed 4 that we consider essential.

1. The video guarantees you directly: “innovative society”

Whether your goals are to boost your notoriety, your image, your sales or natural referencing, the video is a richmodern, and accessible media (no need to read to watch a video).

 A society that makes a video is in the collective imagination a society that has already had its blog for years, shares content on social networks on which its prospects and customers are present, produces and distributes tutorials (explanatory videos, eh): a company definitely on the page, surely very active and successful in its market.

2. The user is volatile and his attention is limited

Web users flounder, change their interest in clicks and pass from one content to another before even having finished the previous one: it must be impacting and know how to retain its audience.

 Complex with text on some personas, difficult with a picture for others, engaging your users with video is the best solution, but not just any way.

 We must hang the barge from the first seconds! And yes, because the average total attention of the human being was 8 seconds in 2015 for 12 seconds in the 2000s. Some fish species have a higher concentration capacity! It means everything.

 More generally and all formats combined (consumer content, BtoB …)

 A 30-second video will be fully watched by 85% of Internet users

A video of fewer than 2 minutes by 70%

A video of 2 minutes by 50%

and it gradually decreases beyond 2 minutes

 Be brief and concise: you must convince, persuade from the beginning of the video to encourage your prospects to view it to the end, and even better, share it on social networks.

3. The video arouses emotion

All videos: youtube, movies, TV series, and even some commercials have the power to arouse in viewers a wide variety of emotions (happiness, sadness, envy …)

 The combination of texts, images, and sounds amplify the emotional scope of a message and thus facilitate its memorization, its appropriation. Your prospects better remember the message. This is the concept of the format “Brut.” Found on Facebook for example.

 Be careful though! You are not and will not be the only one making a video so do it smartly. Commercials are effective for some industries but keep in mind that your prospects are saturating traditional advertising.

 Finally, when I talk about videos, I talk about videos that are useful to your personas and that answer their problems. They can be of the type:


demos and product tests

manufacturing steps and processes


4. Video improves your SEO

Not surprisingly, Google is the most used search engine in the world, Youtube, is also a search engine, certainly videos, but still a search engine. And the height of the excitement, Youtube also belongs to … Google (and is, in addition, the 2nd largest search engine in the world: imagine the potential)!

 With the duo Google + Youtube you can:

 Optimize your SEO, essential for your prospects to find you online (on your blog articles, on your websites at the top of the technology).

 Optimizing the title of your videos on Youtube, their descriptions, their keywords (and tags) will improve your position in searches on Youtube, but also on Google.

By referencing certain keywords on a Youtube video, a video will give you up to a 53% chance of appearing in the first Google search results.