Is it absolutely necessary to develop a social media strategy?

More than 3 billion people around the world use social media to learn, follow news from their friends or promote their brand. Also, the digital specialist keep repeating that it is essential to have an active presence on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram, etc.

Social Media

Social networks

If Facebook still dominates its competitors, Snapchat today shadows the social network of Palo Alto, especially among young people. Other social media are trying to resist and offer dedicated features. We think of Twitter, particularly useful for the media and business intelligence. But the microblogging site is struggling with the ogre Facebook, especially on the financial register. the social network is in danger, several companies including Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft would have learned to buy Twitter … To attract Internet users and monetize their audience, social media no longer hesitate to copy. The features that made Snapchat a unique application are found today on Instagram (with stories), WhatsAppMessenger … We regularly publish articles to allow community managers and all web professionals to know new social media and social media trends.