Acquire qualified traffic on your site, turn it into a lead and then a loyal customer: this is the goal of any marketer. To achieve this, inbound marketing strategies have proved their worth. We know that several months of effort are needed to see the first signs of a correct Google positioning, yet only 61% of marketers place SEO improvements as a priority, according to Hubspot.

How to convince your boss to do SEO?

SEO is an acquisition marketing lever, often confused or amalgamated with the rest of the acquisition levers such as the SEASMOemailingaffiliationretargeting, etc.

 Nevertheless, the use of SEO does not have the coast near the decision makers of our companies, because this method is perceived as opaque, the language is too technical. Implementing the SEO strategy takes time and requires frequent maintenance.

 However, this is the only way to gain visibility that is stable in the long run!

 Here’s how 3 key points can lead the discussion to your boss to convince him of the interest he has in investing in the optimization of his website.

Present him the undeniable financial perspectives!

The Internet is an exceptionally large market, we sell and buy everything we want online. And this trend does not seem to slow down as shown in this graph of annual spending on the internet.

 Projected internet sales (in billions of dollars) per year. Source: Statista

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to control your positioning in Google’s search results.


 By making your site more relevant to respond to user searches.

Using the right technical structures, to allow Google to explore your site and understand its content.

By improving performance and accessibility on PC, tablet or mobile.


And this multitude of areas to optimize supports the idea that SEO is mandatory if we want a website to perform in a controlled and stable manner in the search results.

Talk to him about the importance of SEO today.

It’s very difficult to position yourself on the front page of Google without SEO.

 And on the internet users are very demanding and do not want to waste time looking for what they need. (You and I included do not forget!)

 That’s why 95% of Google users stop on page 1 of the search results. With 79% of users not looking beyond the first 4 sites …

You understand well here, that the nerve of the war on the internet is the visibility! 

If you’re not visible in the first Google search results, you do not exist for 3/4 Google users … and it’s a lot of people!

An example is better than 1000 words! So show him what you’re doing.

For example, let’s say you are an independent craftsman who makes costume jewelry. The CTR (Click through rate) is the percentage of visitors who will click on your site, as can be seen in the following graph it differs according to your position on the Google search results page.