360 degree Auto Rotate Camera Platform


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High quality、Portable, lightweight, easy to carry

Design for crashworthy packaging

Metal casing for bearing

360 degree automatic rotation

Up and down with universal 1/4 screw, Screw hole

Conveniently fixed in a tripod

Simple operation,and practical

Support for multiple overlay 360 TL spin up


Condition: brand new

Scope: suitable for Xiaoyi camera SLR, commpact cameras ,micro cameras and other small single, for gopro sport camera, for iphone, for andriod and other brand phones applicable

Time setting range: 60 minutes (a circle one hour)

Setting direction: clockwise

Running direction: counterclockwise

Screw adapter: universal 1/4 screw, screw hole 

Load capacity: up to 3.5kg

End reminder duration: ≥3 second

Dimensions: 6x6x4.2cm

Package Included:

1 x Time-lapse Photography Automatically Rotate Camera Platform

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg



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