Which social network to choose according to its activity?

Which social network to choose according to its activity?

FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramPinterest … social networks are not lacking, and are channels of promotion privileged. But to maximize the chances of success, we must think about targeting the support that corresponds to your activity …


Creator of jewelry, clothing, ready-to-wear brand, beauty products distributor? The aesthetics sector responds to particular codes. To attract your customers, it is necessary to bet on the visual. Your advertising, your products are based on a design stringed? Apply the same requirement to your social networks! Instagram is an asset to showcase your business. Your feed represents your identity. If you sell products, put them in the situation. The “Shopping” tool now allows you to add a product link directly to your photos! Re-post photos of your customers give ideas to your prospects! Specialist in aesthetics, hairdressing? Highlight your expertise, your creations.



Ultra-plebiscite in English-speaking countries. With the right strategy, it will give your products incredible visibility. The privileged sectors? Those of fashion, beauty, gastronomy, but also decoration, tourism! Create “Outfit of the day” pins to present your clothes, “recipes of the day” to promote your restaurant, “decor ideas” for your craft store … or “ideas for weekends” to showcase your hotel, your region. High-quality photos will catch the eye and traffic to your site, but will also be selected by Google Images.


The organic results on Facebook are not more what they were. But Facebook Ads, it has potential to resell. Increasingly accurate and efficient, the promotion tool allows you to target the right prospects. With a good strategy, it is the insured conversion. Trade, real estate, but also schools or training organizations: Facebook allows you to spread your message to the right audience.


Independent? A digital company, or a “niche” sector? LinkedIn and Twitter are here for you. Social networks with professional vocation, they will allow you to promote your activity with actors of your profession. Practice Social Selling, share your experiences, your expertise. Join a community of interested people by posting relevant, useful, and original posts. You will gain visibility and credibility.

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5 tips for a product description that drives the purchase

5 tips for a product description that drives the purchase

To make a description of the product sheet by detailing the characteristics of the product, in particular, is not enough. The customer must be seduced by the product and have a buying spirit. So, how to give that desire? By simply following the tips below …


Customers online
  • This is about knowing your audience. Identifying your target audience allows you to answer questions:
  • Who to contact?
  • What age group are your customers?
  • What the sex?
  • Which socio-professional category do they belong to?

For example, you would use technical language when speaking to a professional. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by a public not at all advised, it is better to use a simple language, easily comprehensible, while explaining the technical words. And that’s not all, because the identification of your consumers also allows you to have an exact idea about their tastes and their expectations in order to put them forward at the time of the writing of your file to thus direct the tone to use.


The customer must be able to find all the information he needs on your product sheet: these are features,  delivery informationproduct layout, but also customer reviews.

Also, it is important to bring the user experience to the forefront in order to reassure the customer of his purchase decision. The same applies to payment termsguarantees, etc.

It is true that the customer is usually interested only in the utility that can bring a product. You should mention when writing your card the usefulness a product brings to its buyer.
However, make sure that your product listing does not contain only the product in question. This is an opportunity to highlight other products. By doing this, you bring more to both the customer and your turnover. It is incumbent upon you to put your creativity into play to retain the customer as long as he or she is faced with your listing.

eCommerce product description more effective


It is clear that consistent and attractive content is not just the enumeration of the features and functionality of a product. It’s also the way you speak to your audience.

It is necessary that you define a style that will have an important role when describing your product profile. It must have a certain authenticity in the style used. Be sure to convey only the essentials of the information and do not limit yourself to unnecessary discussions and remarks.


Just like text, visibility is also important, especially for BOOSTER your SEO. An attractive product listing must have readable content, be well written, and have an excellent layout.

The visitor must have an interest in staying there because visibility is the first thing he sees. Therefore, there is a special emphasis on the visual aspect of the card and the crucial points of the product because very few people read all of your content. It is therefore important to only show the essential.


SEO, media marketing

Content is well written only if it attracts a maximum of visitors. It would be useless to write excellent content if no one reads it. It is here that SEO optimization will have to take place.
A listing that is well indexed by search engines brings in customers. To do this, you must be careful to define your keywords and use them strategicallywhere necessary. To do this, you must:

Avoid duplicate content, that is, copy and paste of competing pages;
Avoid copying exactly the description of the supplier, because very often he offers the same description to several sellers;
Ensure that you create unique, relevant, and detailed content.
Improve your titles because these are the first lines that Google scans.

By the end of this article, we hope these tips will help you the next time you want to write great content for your e-commerce site.

Wechat Challenges the giant of E-commerce Alibaba (Taobao and Tmall)

Wechat Challenges the giant of E-commerce Alibaba (Taobao and Tmall)

China is the most connected country in the world. On average, Chinese users spend 3 hours a day on their smartphone to check their favorite platforms. So it’s no wonder that e-commerce is so successful in the Middle Empire …

Chinese consumers no longer have to waste time shopping in overcrowded shops where the music is too loud, the scents are heady and all the products are not available. They all favor online commerce. It is a much more practical and fast solution. You can sit in front of your computer and order everything you need, often staying on the same e-commerce platform. You have more choices, very regularly promotions and the delivery service is fast. What more?

The giants of e-commerce in China, Tmall, and TaobaoJD leave little respite to their competitors who are mostly crushed by the hegemony of Tmall and Taobao. But that was not counting the arrival of Wechat.

What's Wechat?, smartphone application


Wechat is first and foremost an instant messaging application that allows you to communicate with your loved ones or work relationships around the world. It’s such a fast and convenient application that many companies prefer to use Wechat to communicate over regular emails. In China, no less than 70 messages are sent per day and per person.

The application has shown insight by adapting its features to the user’s request.

So today, Wechat is very far from being just an instant messaging platform. You can now play games, listen to music, watch videos, follow the general news, your friends, or brands. You can also order food, a taxi, a repairman, pay in a shop by scanning a QR code. And of course, the application – seeing the increased online shopping demand – has developed its own e-commerce platform available on the app.


More than 200 million users have linked their credit card to their Wechat account. Users spend on average 500 RMB (72.90$) a month on the Wechat pay platform. It has become inevitable for any brand wishing to do business in China to be present on Wechat. Because if current sales are not as high as on Taobao or Tmall, the numbers are rising and Wechat’s resources seem inexhaustible when it comes to challenging competitors.


If you wish to be present on the e-commerce part of Wechat, 3 solutions are available to you.

You can create your mini-site which is directly linked to your WeChat Official Account. You can customize your interface to make it a bit more like your brand, advertise, promote, and sell your products directly through the Wechat app. Payment is extremely fast and easy for users, which has the advantage of generating a lot of impulse purchases.

It is possible, in 2018, to realize a mini-program which is a kind of application inside WeChat and which will allow customizing its E-Commerce.

The 3rd method is often favored by luxury brands or fashion. You do not have a shop on Wechat. Your official website is connected to the Wechat app. This allows you to keep your design and management system while enjoying the popularity of Wechat. If a user clicks on one of your products, he will be redirected to your website. It will feel like always on the application, it does not change much the operation for the user. But for you, it’s different. This allows you to manage your online store more easily. Your client will be able to browse and pay internally.

You should know that Chinese users are addicted to the application. It is part of their daily lives because they open it on average more than 30 times a day.


Many users think Wechat is really a very practical application. The Chinese have a very particular buying process and different from your Western consumers. The various scandals and the fake industry have weakened the relationship between brands and their consumers. Chinese consumers no longer trust brands. Before buying, they spend a lot of time researching the brand and the product to be sure of the quality of their purchase. Many consumers follow accounts of bloggers or influencers, especially on fashion. They trust their peers more than brands. So if one of your bloggers shows you his new purchase made via the platform, you can in one click get the same product. Speed and customer satisfaction are definitely the watchwords of Wechat.

It is not easy to trade in China. Between difficult government legislation and the rejection of foreign brands by Tmall and Taobao, Wechat becomes the most practical and effective solution for foreign brands.

On most e-commerce platforms, if you want to sell, your business must necessarily be Chinese. The procedures to set up his business in China are so complex and time-consuming than they have discouraged more than one brand. Other platforms like Tmall or Taobao allow only brands that already have a certain reputation and make significant sales in China to trade on their platforms. The majority of foreign brands are rejected by these platforms. This also explains why Wechat is so popular with both users and brands.

On most e-commerce platforms


With 700 million users, WeChat is the platform that generates the most audience. For brands, it’s a very effective way to reach consumers. Your target is necessarily among Wechat users.

In addition, WeChat provides brands with many features to gain visibility. For example, the H5 Wechat advertising (HTML 5) allows you to set up an animated and therefore more interactive advertisement to seduce your Chinese target. Users can interact and participate, which is all the more effective in China.

The app also allows you to manage your campaigns, to see who the users are viewing your page, and to do targeted advertising. WeChat allows you to effectively reach a particular audience, which is not the case for many applications and this explains why Wechat e-commerce and so popular with brands.

Many well-known brands have had their WeChat stores for a long time, such as Tommy Hilfiger, L’Oreal, or some well-known brands in China such as the Museum of Friendship.

China is a growing market, so it is a country with great potential for brands. Wechat being the most-used channel in China, it must be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.


I say of WeChat that it is a circular system because it is finally a rather closed system. To access content, you must be logged in. This combination of brand accounts and personal accounts is a seamless way to route traffic to dedicated stores. In general, people who visit a brand’s online store do not arrive by chance. They are here because they have been advised by a loved one or because they have heard about your brand by following the account of an influencer. In both cases, their arrival is not due to chance and they have often informed consumers and eager to buy a product in your online store.

WeChat feature


Many foreign brands fail to make significant sales in their Wechat stores. Often this is due to poor market knowledge leading to a wrong approach.

We need to implement a more global approach to Wechat and take advantage of all the features of the application. Some brands prefer to link their Wechat account to their website, but this is not always the right solution. The main goal of Wechat is to let you know. To make yourself known, it is necessary to generate traffic and if you are not fully present on Wechat, this notoriety easy to acquire can finally get under your nose.

Another negative point, the procedure to open a Wechat Official Account, and then an online store is very long, complex and requires some investment. While some find the principle formidable, the administrative mountain standing before them has not yet allowed them to take the plunge. And for foreign companies, it’s still quite complicated.


Wechat e-commerce is still in its infancy. Brands can open their online store for two years only. But the numbers speak for themselves, the app is improving, developing every day new features to improve the shopping experience of users and also to make life easier for brands. The future success of Wechat’s business lies in the ability to connect with offline commerce.

It remains to be seen whether the benefits that brands can derive from the Wechat model are significant enough to cope with the giants of e-commerce. In the meantime, WeChat remains an indispensable tool to use in your digital marketing strategy.

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